Friday, March 28

a padded house

Funny that the latest Anthropologie home book to arrive in my mailbox should remind me so much of the Glass Man's all-soft apartment. (And also a little of the Science of Sleep aesthetic.)



Green Apple said...

We have the same brain... i thought the same exact thing about it having a Science of Sleep vibe. Getting Anthropologie catalogs in the mail makes my heart super happy :)

hayliebird said...

in fact, it is almost identical to the work of lauri faggioni's, the artist and production designer for the science of sleep. hopefully she has participated in the creative direction of this anthropologie spread, although i have yet to find any credit given in her name!?

d.Sharp said...

Ali, have loved all of your Amelie posts just as I love the movie! If I could speak French I would leave a witty compliment with an exclamation mark, but I don't, so I would feel weird typing one.