Thursday, April 10

because you deserve it

You deserve to smile today, and that's why you should follow this link, courtesy of Dirk. I've watched it on his blog at least five times in the last hour.

Brad, Fergi, Bridgett ... I think this is right up your alley(s), respectively.



Czina said...

oh my god, this is sooo crazy!

Dede said...

Saa-weet! I think I'm going to watch that again. I love it.

Ann Marie said...

ahhhhhh! I L-O-V-E this! I think there will be a dance party soon...I'll let you know. I've just gotta move now. There's no stoppin' it. Good thing I can pull down my blinds!

ferardandy said...

thanks, ali, came right at the perfect time. you've out done yourself today: this post + the cutest etsy shop i've ever seen + the breakfast photos. how do you do it?

lane said...

What??? This is amazing! For some reason this does remind me of Brad. I could see him rockin these moves. And maybe even the sweet puffy high-top colorblock sneaks.