Thursday, April 10

film isn't dead

If I wasn't entering a mountain of student debt this fall, I would be attending one of these photography workshops by Jonathan Canlas on the North Shore of Oahu in November. If you are the least bit serious about photography and want to make an investment in your craft/talent/skill, I highly recommend it. Jon is a cool dude who is open to sharing his knowledge and vast expertise with others. I've only heard rave reviews about previous workshops.

I'm gonna be saving my pennies. Just look at these photos. He's probably best-known for his portrait and wedding photography, but he has a serious knack for capturing details. A knack that I admire.



alyson. said...

I too will save my pennies, but wow. that sounds awesome.

laceyJ. said...

Oh, how I wish! Let's go together... wait. I'm serious! How amazing would that be????

I'm Andrea said...

Your breakfast pictures are groovy and I think your photography is fabulous.

And, oh if only I could afford this.

Becky said...

This would be my dream but like you have all those bills that need to be paid. Do you know if he offers any other workshops? This one is in Hawaii but are there some here in Utah?

Jane Flanagan said...

I invested in some darkroom classes with the printer at the Dublin archives before I moved and it was well worth it.

I learned so much from him (he was a die-hard film and fibre-based printer).

I always love your shots - you have a great eye and there's such expressiveness in your images.

love.boxes said...

That would be really fun! :)

adi said...

searching for a dutch film called minoes brought me here. and i'm glad to have found u. really really loved your blog. hope u'll someday visit my blog too.
love bless
- adi

brooke romney said...

That really is great stuff. And what a great excuse to go to HI

becky said...

i have seen his stuff before and yes, how amazing would that be! let's just make our next photography class in HI!

V. said...

any excuse to go to Hawaii is great, but to learn from Jon isn't an excuse at all.

I'm glad he's taking pics for Your Heart Out.