Monday, April 28

bits + pieces

Bits and pieces of my home have sold but some are still for sale if you're interested. For quite good deals, too, I think.

white storage cabinet: perfect for bathroom, nursery, bedroom (pottery barn)
damask armchair: very pretty for living room or master suite (restoration hardware)
wood cutout headboard: for you or your teen (west elm)
star-base coffee table: in perfect condition, minimal, sleek, interesting (hold everything)
graphic rug: supersoft, well-made, colorful (anthropologie, not yet listed but available)

E-mail me if you want more info, larger images, etc. Like I said, I want these lovelies to go to nice homes like yours and nice people like you if at all possible.



lane said...

Wow! What a great storage cabinet. So much better than all those other ugly storage options :) haha.

All your stuff is so cute. I wish all that stuff were here--I'll need it in a few months when my furnished lease is OVER.

ms. spinach said...

when is the big move? we are waiting in anticipation over here in the nation's capital!

I'm Andrea said...

Hi Ali. If it is still avilable can you please email me or leave me a comment on my blog about the price and approximate size of the rug? Thanks!

jamieanne said...

I'll take 2 bits and 3 pieces, please.

.caroline armelle. said...

so sad you have to part with all your fun stuff.
hope they go to good homes..
when you moving?

megan said...

Hey it's becky's sister in law from the photo class.
I am interested in the star based coffee table. I have the perfect place for it. How much? And what are measurments? My Email