Friday, April 4


I love everything about this.



Joslyn said...

it's such a great teaser of how incredible the movie is...totally sets the stage.

I always tell audrey the best part of being a child is that she gets to be totally silly and nobody cares.

i hope she takes advantage of that.

Kami said...

kids are the best!

Don't you miss it?

Chick said...

I'm glad I found you...this movie is so great.

I remember all of it...the tape on the tips, the upsidedown faces, the cutout all made me smile...thanks.

Oh...& I love the soft way it was shot too...what a cutie.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by chance and I must say that I just love anyone who appreciates Amelie like I do!
Thanks for the clip of the opening sequence, it made me smile.