Thursday, April 17

on the prairie

I like how these ruffly and feminine but still-cool things from ModCloth look all together: modern twists on antique/pioneer fashions ... the lace, the crochet, the micro-floral patterning. They would probably look cute separately, too.

pretty prairie top.
sail away dress.
sweet valley high dress.



JanelleGrace said...

I love those... I love the lacey, feminine blouses that are popping up and I need to find more cute (cheap) ones.

And I'd like to say ModCloth has some of the best customer service. I bought a pair of shoes and returned them and they were so nice in answering all questions. (Sadly, the size I got STILL doesn't fit but I am searching for ways to make it.)

Laura said...

I looove that sail away dress.

love.boxes said...


lane said...

I need something to wear on the priarie this summer! Maybe this top is just the thing...