Thursday, April 17


Things I relied on yesterday:

01. shuffle: for shufflin' along at the gym
02. red sharpie: for serious prioritizing
03. tweezers: for my neglected brows.
04. paperclips: for keepin' it all together (and there's a lot of it)
05. 70 spf: for staying forever young in the sun (but then it snowed)
06. blush: for brightening my flushed face
07. whiteout: for fixing all those mistakes



Kami said...

SPF 70?! Wow I didn't know it goes that high. A good reminder even in this crazy weather.

P.S. It's the little stuff, isn't it.

love.boxes said...

I didn't even know there was 70.. next time my fair little daughter goes skiing.. I'm sending her with that. Thanks for the tip!

lane said...

I also wear Neutrogena spf 70 every day. Why not? The only tan I want on my face at this point also comes out of a bottle :)

Tiffany said...

I could use a little shuffle and red sharpie myself. Hope all is going well with your plans!

Leslie said...

where do you find that SPF 70? the highest i can find is 45, but I would love to protect from wrinkles even more. drug store?

ali said...

Yep. I've bought it at the grocery store. It's usually around $11 but well worth it!

I'm big on sunscreen. And 2008 is the year of NO burns. I don't want the wrinkles, either.

Ann Marie said...

Sharpie! I love, love, love them. I didn't know that I could use them for everyday note-taking until I worked for my Interior Designer sister. Now I use them everyday for everything!

AND I love the idea of no burns in 2008. I will join you on that one.

hayliebird said...

for an update on the anthropologie catalog cover please visit my blog . Indeed the artist/ production designer from science of sleep was completely knocked-off by anthro. and designers from Domestic Construction. I think its important that Lauri Faggioni be credited for her original ideas- it's only fair!

Mrs.French said...

I use that sunscreen! My one beauty essential. Oh and your tweezer is prettier than mine.

phoenix said...

I love this post...very charming in its simplicity and I love too the image. :)

I'm with you on the sunscreen - I use SPF 50 for the same reason, and have only gotten into the habit of using it on a daily basis after finding a super-light one in Sofina Perfect UV - I found in the past that typical sunscreens made my already oily skin even greasier in the summer heat.