Tuesday, May 27

marion billet

My little nephew Max is obsessed with machinery: school buses, garbage trucks, cars, tractors, helicopters, fire trucks, bikes, Bobcats aka "dig digs"---these are all things to get very excited about and say the names of a thousand times until you are acknowledged.

This print by Marion Billet would be very cute for him.



love.boxes said...

It reminds me of those old Richard Scary books that I adored as a child.

lane said...

No fair! Why don't we get any pictures of Max? The best part is, after hanging out with him, you find yourself spotting dig digs, and buses, and cranes, and getting a little excited about it :)

adi said...

and i loved everything and anything that moved on wheels :)
these are so adorable, i would have loved them a lot

A Print A Day said...

oh i love that poster...and all the prints in that website actually :)

ambika said...

I was recently at a 3 year old's birthday & it was ALL about cars & trucks. So funny what fascinates us at an early age.