Tuesday, May 27

truth or truth be told: photoshop actions

So, here are the results. I was actually surprised at how many of y'all aren't using actions. Though I'm not totally anti (actions are muy necessario when it comes to batch editing and Photoshop has, in a sense, replaced the dark room which is kinda cool), this was somehow reassuring to me. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and input.

I feel like many of you: I agree that the exposure has to be good to begin with. And that actions are about ten times cooler if you're making your own---which means your photos won't look like everyone else's. I think that's what I've always been afraid of: losing individuality and relying on effect.

New Truth or Truth in the sidebar! Another one I'm always curious about for various and sundry reasons.



Hannah said...

I get overwelmed with more than one post a day. If someone posts more, I usually pick one to read and skip the others. I just don't have time.

JanelleGrace said...

Most I can only take one or two (and if I see more, I will usually just ignore them) but on your blog, I love every post so I would love them all.

Chelsea said...

I like the new topic. I've been wondering about this myself.

miss money said...

quality of posts are alot more important than quantity. i prefer personal and unique posts to the redundant posts about the latest and greatest. it is disappointing to click through my blog links and read about the exact same thing.