Thursday, July 10

love, anyone?

This is my favorite pillow of all time, I think. I mentioned how much I liked (loved) it once but then I didn't buy it right away. Little did I know I would never be able to find it again ... unless you know where it's hiding out

This Alexander Girard Love Pillow used to be at Modern Seed, but is no longer. Anyone have any ideas as to where I might find it now? I've been looking on eBay but have had no luck. :(

Muchas gracias mis amigas.



Joanna Goddard said...

this is sweet. sorry, i haven't seen it around! maybe a google search? although i'm sure you've already tried that... xoxo

read me... said...

MAN I know... a few years ago I placed an order & paid for it by phone with modern seed & it was going to be shipped to me in London... it never arrived, admitedly they didn't take any money, and then it was GONE. There were tears... nearly.

read me... said...

oh... just thought, have you tried contacting maXimo design??

Jennifer Ramos said...

I haven't seen it either, just seen the print. Its so PRETTY though!

Jen Ramos
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