Saturday, September 20

grey gardens

Finally (after being told I needed to see it years ago by my friend Clint), Netflix sent me cult classic Grey Gardens. I was fascinated and disturbed from the very beginning---I couldn't watch and I definitely couldn't look away. By the time it was over, I was surprised to learn that I actually wanted more. It's obvious why this film serves as artistic and/or aesthetic inspiration for so many.

For me, it all boiled down to Little Edie. I couldn't help but like her ... and her sweaters-turned turbans, swimsuit ensembles, and signature white heels. I found her eccentric and rebellious and tragic, and genuinely bohemian. C thought she was totally wacko.

And I don't think Drew will do her justice.



Charity McValentine said...

I felt the same way about this film. The play of this film is outstanding.

nadia said...

i watched this recently- i completely agree with not wanting to look but not being able to look away!

little Edie!!

Robin said...

That movie is totally disturbing but fascinating. I wanted to be Little Edie for Halloween last year but I didn't think anyone would get least at the party I was going to.
Ummmm wow, I had no idea they were doing a remake!

Jane Flanagan said...

OMG - that's so bizarre. I watched it this weekend too for the first time and was going to blog about it.

I found the dialogue very Beckett-esque, shifting and rhythmic and repetitive but vague and gradually unfolding. And, of course, tragic.

*L said...

yay.. it's on my netflix queue!

nicole hill said...

so glad you saw this! isn't it so nutty? my favorite part is when she is marching around singing by the steps. "mother wanted me to wear a kimono."

seriously, drew is playing it? hollywood can be sad.

Anonymous said...

I am totally obsessed with this doc.

a couple of years ago while I was with friends at the NYC Halloween parade, two guys dressed up as Big and Lil Edie and I squealed with joy!

fun things to check out


Krista said...

I adore Grey Gardens
. That film is so incredibly quoteable and seriously funny but also sad and depressing all rolled into one. Its also endlessly quotable with:

Mother, you don't have enough clothes on.
Well I'm going to get naked in just a minute, so you better watch out.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Yeah, for what, now why? I haven't got any warts on me.
But the movie, the movie!
I haven't got any warts on me!
That isn't the point mother darling.

and To get on top of things and stay there..
Does that mean women, too?

You know, they adapted this into a Broadway Musical of the same name with Christine Ebersole as Little Edie and Mary Louise Parker as Big Edie.

IdlyYours said...

Ali! Miranda B. let me know about this blog/post and it's great that you liked it! I (re)blogged about it last week so it's quite coincidental. Hopefully Netflix has 'The Beales of Grey Gardens' DVD if you're craving more Edi-bles. Anyway, from what I can see you have quite a lot going on. Congratulations on the big little news! And I'm not talking about GG this time ;-)

lane said...

This was on Bway here in NYC and was (reportedly) amazing. So true about Drew Barrymore?/! What a silly choice. Just goes to show that Hollywood can always manage to mess up a great story.

celeste said...

"the marble faun" . . . Matt and I love this documentary