Friday, September 19


Image of pretty window in Siena.

Lovely Lola tagged me a while ago. And when I say a while, I mean a long while. But I wanted to put this post together, because lately I feel like everything is moving so fast fast fast, and it's not good to move forward without looking back. Reflection, especially self-reflection, often yields to better perspective. With a new address and a new home and a new plan for the rest of my life, I think that's what I need on this Friday afternoon. So, thank you, Lola.

What I was doing 10 years ago:

Loving my very first fall semester at Utah State University. Declared major: Elementary Ed. Eating strawberries-n-Skor at Hogi Yogi. Listening to Dance Hall Crashers. Losing friends, gaining others. Laughing at Brad. Meeting Curtis. Visiting home way too often, going to bed too early. Losing self, then finding self.

Five things on my to-do list today:

01. Respond to each and every starred e-mail in my inbox. About 40. It's daunting.
02. Figure out how to pay power bill with debit card.
03. Plan next week's schedule.
04. Call Jjana.
05. Obtain health insurance card, at long last.

Snacks I like:

01. Sliced cucumbers, salt-and-peppered, soaking in vinegar and a little oil.
02. Toast topped with lemon hummus and more salt-and-peppered cucumber slices.
03. Toast topped with avocado and salt-and-peppered vine tomatoes.
04. Hot Tamales and Mt. Dew. Gross, but good.
05. Cold cereal, preferably a sugary kind.

Places I've lived:

01. Salt Lake City, Utah
02. Logan, Utah
03. Laie, Hawaii
04. London, England (but just for two months)
05. Washington, D.C. (but just for two months)
06. Arlington, Virginia (one month and counting)

Five things I would do if I had billions:

01. Invest.
02. Give back.
03. Go on many vacations and treat others to them.
04. Stay busy. (Artistic endeavors or startup business or awesome mom).
05. Relax, too.

People I want to know more about: (This one is hard.)

01. Nicole Krauss.
02. Frank Visser.
03. My grandma.
04. My other grandma.
05. My grandpa.

If you've had a day like me, and think this might be good for you, consider yourself tagged. :)

Happy weekend.



Erica said...

Such a nice post. And now I want to know more about Nicole Krauss too.

cassy diane said...

what an adorable blog.
i'm going to keep checking back :)
nice to kind of meet you!

lane said...

This is so you--esp. The grandmas and more grandmas part. You have a hip side, but you have a nostalgic heart :)