Friday, September 19

hair feathers

I read about these headbands by Erin Barr in Lucky. I would love to slide one of her pretties over my awkwardly growing-out hair. Erin has an online shop here.

And there are many similar designs (and more affordable ones) on Etsy.

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thevintagechair said...

you know, Kenley from Project Runway has been sporting a purple one occasionally and I'll admit, I've been a little tempted to pop one in my hair! Very cute.

babelfish said...

Stunning, the purple one looks great on her. I'm off to explore etsy...great for up-coming parties don't you think?

Veeda said...

Kenley has greatly influenced my opinion on hair feathers as well.

(forever 21 has cheap ones to experiment with)

Jessica said...

I own a few of these types of things and they are fantastic. cudos for finding these!