Thursday, October 23

six humdrum things about me

Who put me up to this? I can't remember. But it's fun to think about myself. :)

01. I'm a slow learner. I'm also impatient.
02. I don't like cheese as much once it's melted.
03. I think Charmin commercials with the red bears are really weird.
04. I feel guilty, but I'm always up for a trip to Target.
05. Lately I'm really into Ellen. She's funny.
06. Sometimes I want to stop blogging but I can't help myself.



Jackie said...

i believe i was the one who put you up to this. :D

makes for fun reading on a friday, when the hours before five crawl by. i agree those charmin commercials are so odd. who really thinks that bears use toilet paper? and if they were, wouldn't they realize cottenelle is much softer? ;)

ali said...

Thank you, Jackie! I looked through my comments and couldn't find yours.

You make me laugh!

Jane Flanagan said...

Don't stop blogging!!!

I find the Charmin commercials weird too.

Lorilee said...

why feel guilty about Target?
and please don't ever stop blogging... I would miss my little creative genius too much.

Kami said...

I too hope you never stop blogging. You know you and your sisters were my first blog crushes.

ps. Have you seen this? If not, you should rent it. It is so funny!

lane said...

Don't like cheese as much when it's melted? What about pizza??

These were fun to read. Wish I were there to go on a Target run with you :)

erin wilson said...

I literally can't watch the Charmin commercials....just too much, even for a cartoon.

charity said...

I love target. I think sometimes my family could be a target ad I shop there so much.