Thursday, October 23

would (almost) work for this

Popped into the Anthropologie on M Street today before officially calling it quits on my endless rug search. (Maybe I'll hold out for the one that won't ship until January, after all.) I was stunned by the number of beautiful party dresses lining the racks. It made me wish I had a holiday party to attend ... and that I had a larger budget ... and then I also remembered that I'm currently a few sizer larger than usual.

This dress is way prettier in real life than it appears online. Gorgeous, even. But I'd do it without the scarf and add heels and stones. In the meantime, Target has some savory options more in-line with my bank account. Ah, Tarjay to the rescue. And to think this pregnant lady was ready to respond to the "hiring part-time sales associates" scribbled stylishly on Anthro's doors....



Anonymous said...

gorgeous dress!

Jane Flanagan said...

It's lovely!

erica said...

beautiful dress, but i know what you mean about forgetting that you aren't your regular size. just wait until january, there will be no way we'll be able to to 'forget'!

i wish i had a party to dress up for, too. trying to figure out how to look stylish and elegant while 7 months pregnant will be an interesting challenge.

Aberdeen said...

Hehe....I just visited their Austin store this weekend. I bought a sale apron for $10. Although I didn't need it, I felt obligated to bring home an affordable relic.

Casey said...

that's so weird! i'm going to be at Anthropologie on M Street tomorrow night. :D
pretty cool that you're "in the neighborhood"!

::{J}:: said...

Oh that Target! I bought a sweater dress from there with tiers of ruffles on the sleeves! Kinda similar! Oh, and much much less!

Anonymous said...