Tuesday, October 7

why i love shopping etsy

When I order something really great from Sycamore Street Press (on Etsy here), it comes with an original and personalized thank you card---as if the product alone wasn't awesome enough---to brighten my day.

Thanks, Eva and Kirk! (I'm sorry my response isn't as creative; I'm just not as good-looking on paper.) I love my poster.



Jane Flanagan said...

I love the effort Etsy sellers make. It makes each purchase special and memorable.

Ciara said...

Hi Ali. I lost my way to your door a long while back and I'm so happy to find you again. I just love your blog and look forward to many moochings back over what I missed out on.


Jackie said...

i totally agree. i was so surprised the first time i ordered something from etsy and the artist sent along a super cute postcard with the order. it's that extra touch that keeps me coming back!

hey, i wanted to let you know that i tagged you on my blog. if you're interested in playing along, check it out here. thanks a bunch!

Joslyn said...

totally agree...this is what makes buying handmade so much more special. awesome!

Brooke said...

Love that card!

babelfish said...

The little things make etsy special!