Monday, February 9

an ode to my doorstep

My doorstep is not the most glamorous you've ever laid eyes (or Steve Maddens) on. Our rust-colored front door opens to a rust-colored hallway that, on a good day, smells like concentrated Lysol ... and like it needs a desperate cleaning with anything other than said Lysol most other days. Despite its unattractive state, my doorstep has become a source of many smiles and mood-lifters as of late. My heart goes pitter pat when I hear the Fedex truck pull up outside, when UPS asks for my signature, when I hear the mailman's footsteps nearing our apartment on the second floor. It ain't pretty, but my doorstep has been really good to me over the last little while.

A mere sampling of what's shown up:

01. Moses basket that I took a chance on but am very happy with.
02. Mother Stork's Baby Book. (How nice!)
03. Cute pillow from Frosty Darling.
04. Box of baby goodies (books, clothes, softies) from Mom.
05. Box of other goodies (balsamic glaze, my forgotten glasses) also from Mom.
06. Package of encouraging notes, mags and pamper-me items from faraway friends.
07. Surprise gift and thoughtful note from Miss Marta.
08. Pink takeout box filled with valentine candy.
09. Coupons from necessary evil Babies R Us that have saved us lots of dollars.
10. Stephen's Gourmet.
11. Curtis.

This week, I'm also looking forward to:

01. My mom's arrival.
02. My sister's arrival.
03. My baby's arrival. (But I don't think he'll simply show up on my doorstep.)



Krista said...

Good luck!
and i think, even though you seemed a bit wary of purchasing that stork book bc of the was a great buy. I would have loved to have had one of those for my first born especially.

liz stanley said...

good luck! you are a strong woman. oh and I love that moses rocker!

Kelly said...

i have that very doormat. :)


horsley home said...

Your front door seems like a lucky place! I want one:) Good Luck this week with all that's coming- nothing is more fun than motherhood, I promise!

Weber said...

Ali, Good luck! I'll be thnking of you. I'm very happy for you guys. You and Curtis are going to be the cutest parents.
- Shirley

ferardandy said...

i'm so excited, please keep us posted! i want to see baby's room!

steph said...

i can't believe it! best of luck to one of my very most favorite people in the world, and her adorable husband. i can't WAIT to see him.

......any name yet?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Good luck! I wish I would receive a pink takeout box filled with Valentine candy on my doorstep - how adorable.

[J] said...

Your mat matches your door so well! Also, I'm excited for our baby's arrival! Good luck, I hope everything goes wonderfully!

Amanda said...

Best wishes and good energy your way! xoxo

Cheryl said...

What an exciting week you have ahead! There is nothing more special than seeing your baby for the first time. xx

Cheryl said...

What an exciting week you have ahead! There is nothing more special than seeing your baby for the first time. xx

laceyJ. said...

What a sweet post! Can't wait to meet baby!

lane said...

Oh hooray! I am #2. I can't wait to be on your doorstep! I am hoping hoping for someone else's arrival...I can't wait!!

What a sweet little post.