Wednesday, November 11

go west, virginia

me in middleburg

The parentals rolled into town so we packed up the family wagon and the Oscar and went on a little roadtrip. If we had gone two weeks earlier, I bet the leaf-changing would have been something to behold. But it was still good, and once again, I left my heart in Loudoun County.

For those who live nearby, we drove to Middleburg, then through Snickersville, Purcellville and Hillsboro before arriving in our destination, Harper's Ferry. I was the driver so I didn't get to take any passenger seat photos (maybe next time) but the scenery was dreamy. For me, the journey was the best part: winding country roads, authentic scarecrows, rolling green hills and family-owned farms.

Harper's Ferry was OK, but your experience will definitely be improved if you stop for lunch at the Canal House Cafe & Creamery where you will eat too much buttermilk chocolate cake paired with homemade organic lemon ice cream and not think twice about it.

I love fall even more when family is here.

harpers ferry 1
harpers ferry 3

Fancy Goods in Harpers Ferry and a pretty tree.

harper's ferry

It was prettier than it looks, and I was happier than I look. I promise. I mean, look at that child I get to tote around.

harpers ferry 2

I love the colors of dying, purple leaves.



nadia shea said...

lovely photos, lovely life. I must confess, you were the blog that got me into blogging a looong time ago.

Krista said...

what kind of baby carrier is that? ergo? and do you love it? i need something that doesn't kill my back!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

I agree that I def. appreciate fall when I'm with the fam (it's something about when it gets cold out, you want your family around you!)

sara b said...

can me and my three meet you there next time?

ali said...

Krista: Yes, it's the Ergo and so far, so good. I just started carrying him backpack style and it seems to be pretty easy on the spine.

.caroline armelle. said...

beautiful pics!

and i always love the ones of your tiny feet!

hope all is well!

lane said...

Great photos--you have done a wonderful job of capturing the colors and light of fall. Sigh. Wish I had been there with you!