Thursday, November 12

i love technology

chat with lucienne

Happiness is having a little chat with your new niece (with her eyes wide open!) and her mom and one of her other aunties---one in NY, one in DC, and two in UT.

Oh, Little Miss, I want to snuggle you the most.



Katie said...

Oh my goodness, she is just so adorable... How sweet! I love technology for you!

Tori said...

Your blog brought a smile to my face today. Thanks.

sinnlighet said...

Your blog is wonderfully sensual and I love it!

My I ask if it's will be ok if I borrow some photos to my blog?

I want to leave a footprint to you from the very very south part of Sweden by....


steph said...

thats so cool.

lane said...

Hooray! I love technology, too. It makes it a little more bearable that we don't get to be together and welcome little Lu.