Sunday, January 16


pam day 1
pam day 3
pam day 4
pam day 2
pam day 5

I am a fairly firm believer that all it takes to make a good birthday party are:

1. sugar (cake)
2. balloons (just six will do)
3. glitz (sprinkles)
4. dumb fun (party hats)
5. an element of surprise (a personalized banner! An unexpected guest! Or just a really excited one ... like a four-year-old who can't help but stick his finger in the chocolate frosting 400 times.)

Celebrating with you was a treat, Pammaramama. We really lucked out with you.



Ana Degenaar said...

This looks so fun and cute!

J&Jchambers said...

hello, i have never commented before, but I saw that cake and i am pregnant and now i really want to eat that cake:) would you be willing to divulge the recipe?? Thanks and i love your house!

Lacey Jane said...

Totally agree! The party is all about the company- looks fun!

ali said...

Thank you. This is not my home, but I like it too. It's also not my cake recipe (doesn't it look like a big donut?!) but I'll see if I can track it down.

Lane Anderson said...

Adorable! It makes me so happy to look at these pictures and think hey, these are my peeps. You guys know how to throw a party.

ps. In, every picture I've seen of O. in the last three weeks, he is toting a feline friend. It's extra funny because both have a reddish, unruly mane.

Ann Marie said...

i LOVE all these happy to at least get a glance of all of you on the blog...looks like your trip to ashley's was perfect.