Monday, January 24

me or me

me or me

Oscar is wailing in his crib for about the eleventh day in a row. Between sobs (the kind where they gasp and it makes you feel really terrible), he is yelling "All done! All done, muuummy!" But he is not done. He has only been in his crib for 20 minutes, and I have a feeling we've just begun. I already feel crummy. Maybe the joke is on me. Maybe he is all done with naps, in which case I'll probably feel even more crummy.

This drawing was shared with me yesterday. I would rather look like a sunshine than a black hole, so I am trying to look on the bright side.



Lara said...

Oh, that must be really rough. I hope it gets better soon. Keep the sunshine shining!

Colleen said...

I learned the hard way that "crying it out" doesn't work for every little one, no matter what the books/your friends/your mom tells you. Good luck, nap struggles are the WORST!

theolivetree said...

Oh no! Been there, done that. Don't feel bad! Nap time = mommy's break time.

My son is 20 months and he stopped napping in his crib, so I moved naps to our bed or the couch...he loves it and will sleep for 2 + hours.

My daughter stopped napping at the age of 2, but the plus side was she went to bed an hour earlier!

good luck!

jessica said...

coffee and cartwheels in in carytown. its a coffee and kid play place.

and welcome to the rva..

Lacey Jane said...

Hang in there friend! ("All done, mummy"- so cute though.)

sarah marie. said...

i feel your pain! my oscar usually naps for 30 minutes a day and i know he needs more sleep but i don't know what to do..

Lorilee said...

i know june is like 6 months older than oscar, but she is trying to make her own decisions about napping too. i've finally come to the conclusion that i need to flexible with her. somedays (most days) i have to wake her from her naps because they are so long, and other days she refuses. this had been hard because i'm so schedule oriented, but i try not to make it a big deal.. and it ends up being that way.
when she does refuse, i try to have down time.. stories, a little tv time or video, just so her body gets rests. ok, i'm done.

Lane Anderson said...

This is a great life philosophy condensed down to two little visuals. I'm going to remember this :)