Thursday, February 3

about square

bermuda triangle

I'm trying to get into Twitter, so my level of production can really start to go downhill. (What's that you say, Oscar? You're hungry? Sorry I am too busy tweeting my tweets to all my peeps. Can you help yourself to the some fishie crackers?) Thing is, I barely know how to tweet, let alone respond to a tweet or use these @ and # thingies. Does anyone know of a good how-to?

And while I'm at it, I finally got an invite to Pinterest after being wait-listed for weeks. (Thank you, Liz dear.) It's telling me I have to sign in using Facebook, and allow Pinterest to access all my info, data and wall. Is this typical? Are you guys cool with it?

p.s. I'm not able let Oscar go hungry or ignore him. Why do you think I stopped blogging for two years? And also, I realize that my triangle of (in)productivity will be more of a square if this Pinterest thing pans out. Interweb, you shall win again.

Image by Fuchsia via SwissMiss



Connie said...

I just found your site and I had to comment on this topic because I've been trying to figure out twitter recently too and I loved the graphic! It's like facebook on steriods!

aubry. said...

pinterest is heaven! i was weary about linking it to my facebook too, but honestly - i have the same log in and profile photo {which you can change once you're in} - and that's it. it asks if you want to post your "pins" on facebook, but i told it no... and so.... alls quiet on the social network front. you will love it. LOVE it.

Kayla Poole said...

I just got your comment on my blog and went, What? She reads my blog? Because I am recently obsessed with yours and should have commented several days ago after devouring every single post in your archive. Yup. My only excuse is that I was too busy back-clicking.

Relative to's awesome and highly addictive. #ff means follow friday (people link to others) and that's about the only jargon I fully get. I'm too afraid of time-sucking to join pinterest.

Krista said...

like everyone else. i'm so happy you're blogging again. envious of your ability to take a long hiatus...i need to lose this addiction.

Sarah said...

new to your blog via stephmodo. I am new to twitter. I find the whole thing hard to fathom with all of the @ #, etc.. If you figure it out let us know, please! thanks.

comfies said...

such an interesting post and so timely! i've been a faithful blogger, pinterester, facebooker, gmailer for quite some time. easy enough. however, i can NOT seem to get the hang of twitter! and i can't quite put my finger on the reason why! i mean i have a profile up there, but i don't really know what to say, who to respond to, how to make use of it.....etc. anyways, lovely blog you have here!

melanie said...

I'm a new reader here. I like. I began a similar quest to yours recently and I found a person named Laura Roeder. She knows everything there is to know about Twitter and I've learned a lot from her. She sells information about it but she has a few very informative videos on the subject that are free for the watching.

Susan said...

Have you seen this site?
also, she has a great poster here:
Have fun!