Thursday, February 3

spade humor

eyeballs 1

I'm sure by now everyone saw Andy and Kate Spade's home on The Selby. Closely beating out the matchbook collection and the confetti painting as favorite details, I about died over the eyeballs (candy?) in a red striped container. "Eyeball, anyone?"

I have an eyeball bath bomb that was given to us in a stocking (thanks Mom), and now I want a dozen more to set in a bin by Oscar's bathtub. Too bad they're probably $5 apiece, but I still like the idea ... since we're on the subject of bathrooms accessories and all. Never underestimate the power of the unexpected eyeball.

Images: left, The Selby; right, me


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Lane Anderson said...

You weren't there at Christmas in Palm Springs when Brit bought a joke eyeball and hid it everywhere for people to find (in your drink, staring at you in the shower, hidden among the plant marbles in the table centerpiece). You can imagine how much fun Max had, and how fun it was to put it somewhere Pam would find it.

Watch out. You might get an unexpected eyeball!

ps. be careful it might be a choking hazard.