Thursday, February 3

his & hers

From what I understand, these 100% Egyptian cotton hand towels are the brainchildren of Jamie and Mrs. Lilien. I can't help but think how cute it would be to have two little boys, and get two Mr. and Mr. towels for their bathroom.

Mr. and Mrs. Hand Towels, $30 at Furbish.



Anonymous said...

If they said "His" and "Hers" it would be cute to get a couple "Hers" towels if you had 2 little girls :)

The Mr. and Mr. idea for 2 little boys is HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...


I just "caught up" (not that I know you or knew you before) on your blog, only to go back to mine and see a comment from you! Thanks for the compliment on my Rooster. :) Your Oscar sure is cute!

Ana Degenaar said...

I love those towels so bad!

Jolie Goodnight Musick said...

These towels are the kind of thing I love so much I wish I had thought of it!

Connie said...

So cute! Just linked this & your silly buddy posts in my Daydream in Bow Ties post: