Wednesday, April 13

hello richmond: stonewall jackson shrine

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On a sunny afternoon a few weekends ago, we headed north on the 95 and exited when we saw a sign reading "Stonewall Jackson Shrine." We winded down a country road and ended at this white cottage, all that remains of a farm where the Confederate Civil War hero died of pneumonia after being mistakenly shot by his own rebel men in May of 1863. Aside from the cultural curiosity that it is (it's called a shrine), I was struck by the structure's simple beauty: raw floors with hand-forged nails, sensible but colorful linens, and plenty of natural light.

Stonewall Jackson Shrine
Directions from here
Woodford, VA
NPS page

Image source: All by Ali / Ali Loves Curtis



M. said...

it's beautiful, but what a depressing way to die!


Jane Flanagan said...

This is beautiful!

Lane Anderson said...

Oh, this is right up my alley. I hope that I get to go to the shrine when I come visit!

Leslie said...

I was just there last weekend, though it was super rainy! Love civil war history!

Leigh said...

adorable photos!!! :)

Rebecca said...

That is very stark and beautiful!

Pistachio said...

I love, love going to places like that. I am very sentimental by nature and visiting historic places somehow makes me feel connected to the world.