Monday, April 11

lo bjurulf and paper

lo bjurulf

I admire stylist Lo Bjurulf for about 197 reasons, but especially for her unexpected treatments of paper and, more specifically, wallpaper. I'm partial to fringey and curly, which can be seen in the bottom two shots.

Image source: All styled by Lo Bjurulf and photographed by Stellan Herner for Elle Interior, with the exception of top right image for which the photographer is unlisted.



jaclyn @ thelateafternoon said...

such creative work! i never thought to have fringe-y or curly wallpaper!

JDM said...

Thanks for the intro to the Three Little Fishies video. My kids have pretty much watched it or been begging me to watch it since I played it the first time yesterday. Harrison has taken 3 extra baths just to play out the story. So WOW if only I had understood the impact this would have on my little guys..I would have been asking for your video picks a long time ago! Any others you have to suggest are welcome here!

ali said...

Thanks, Jenny! I'm happy to hear it. I took down the post because it was taking so long for the page to load but maybe I'll try it again ... and not post 3 at once!

Lane Anderson said...

I love the paper ideas--perfect for a party. Or a temporary installation :) One of the favorite things in my apt. is a paper lampshade--you'd never guess that it's paper, it actually looks really luxe. Yay paper!

chelsea said...

wow. i love this.