Tuesday, August 30

24 weeks along

24 weeks 2011 a (web)24 weeks 2011 (web)

So, does this mean I'm six months pregnant? Here are some little details and things and a glance at how my days (and my belly) are shaping up.



s_liles said...

Love your dress! looks super comfy. :)

Shelby said...
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ali said...

Shelby, I think you deleted one comment, and I deleted the other. Sorry!

I got the dress at a mall shop called Destination Maternity for about $35. I like it, but wish the fabric was softer. It's the tiniest bit itchy, which you notice a lot more when the dress goes down to your ankles.

ivyjeanne said...

It IS a cute dress. And you have a really cute prego belly. Can you believe it's already mid-September? I can't believe I'm within two months of my due date. It's finally becoming "real."

Paula said...

Beautiful look Ali!! Thanks for posting my maternity street style pinterest board on babble! I'm happy you enjoy the inspiration!!

Love this dress? Where is it from?

xoxo, Paula