Monday, August 29


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With an earthquake and hurricane, last week was a little bumpy. I also found myself quite homesick, wishing I was in Salt Lake City to give a big hug to a dear friend. Actually, I'm still wishing for that, but I think it will be too difficult to pull off.

At any rate, wouldn't it be nice to step into the above photo, for just a moment? I'm wondering how that beach at Nags Head, North Carolina, weathered the storm. And worrying about how people I love are weathering their own storms.

Here are links to my Babble posts last week. I hope you'll like them.

*How I might put Missoni to work in my nursery.
*I wouldn't mind an entire blog dedicated to maternity street style.
*I've got a thing for suspended cradles.
*This shop on Etsy has some great maternity dresses.
*I like that Novogratz family, and their names.
*This maternity blazer is pretty sharp. This stuff looks tailor-made.



becky said...

ali...i'll give her a squeeze for you. miss you dear.

ali said...

I think you are the perfect person for the job.

Lane said...

I really like this post. Love you, sis.

sara b said...

She knows you love her and you'd be here if you could. We are loving on her for all of us, present and absent.
Miss you, friend.