Friday, September 23

friday already?

28 weeks 2011 (webac)

How did it get to be Friday already? So much to do, so little time. I'll be packing moving boxes today and throughout the weekend. I hope your plans are more fun than that. Don't be surprised if you find me living in a moo moo-like maxi dress all weekend long.

Here are my Babble posts this week. I think you'll like:

*I had hopes of practicing pregnancy fitness this week. Does packing up count?
*Am I the only one who thinks these instructional childbirth posters are a little weird?
*Documenting pregnancy with mommy and baby shoes.
*I'm 28 weeks pregnant, and officially third trimester material. Eeeek.



Kim said...

you have the cutest style, even while pregnant!

are you leaving Richmond already? :(

Lane said...

So, does this mean you have somewhere to go?? You sure look cute, even under pressure.

Allison said...

YOU are so dang cute. So excited for you guys!

Amanda Conley said...

Too cute. You're adorable.