Friday, September 16

friday, and stressed

jessica todd harper

Operation: Meltdown might be under way in my house. I am doing the best I can to avoid it, but it just might be inevitable. And did I mention that I'm pregnant and in an seemingly-eternal state of emotional turmoil? Anyway. I know I have much to be happy about, but I'm having the kind of week that is making me forget that.

I love photography by Jessica Todd Harper. Isn't the above photo perfect in the most raw and real and beautiful way? It is a reminder that all is good, and it is good to live in the present.

I'm also blogging about my pregnancy at Babble. Please read!

*I would love to be hard-core enough to do a true fertility diet, regardless of fertility levels.
*My idea (reality) of a day off at 26 weeks pregnant.
*Cute and clever birth announcements! I want.
*My baby name story, plus a handful more.
*I'm craving and craving and craving.
*I'm seeing stripes ... on babies.

Photograph by Jessica Todd Harper via Whitney's pin.


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Rebecca said...

I love that photograph. I wish my house looked so poetic when it's a mess. (most of the time)