Saturday, March 24

what's cooking


We moved into a new home at the beginning of the year. At the end of November, the kitchen looked like this. Then, mid-December, we tore a lot of it out. C worked his tail off readying it for us to move in, and we've been making weekly updates ever since. I like doing this stuff but am terribly indecisive/distracted and have given C "executive power" (OK, with limits) so he's pretty much the brains behind this operation, along with our buddy Lee who knows how to do just about everything.

The kitchen has been 80% done for about a month and a half. And now, we're just waiting on one light fixture to feel like we're getting closer to done.

It's starting to feel like home, around here.



easzucs said...

It had to go!

Amanda Conley said...

I miss your posts, Ali!