Thursday, March 15

on arrival

Dear friends and photographers,

Look what arrived in the post this morning! (And look at all that pink! The orange might be fun, too.)

Since the balloons just got here and this might be short notice for some, perhaps we should do the Great Balloon Photo Shoot next Saturday, March 24 at around 10 a.m.

I am worried about losing the snow by then, but it looks like it could already be lost anyway. I am not complaining; how wonderful is this weather?

Please let me know if you're still planning on coming and if next Saturday works for you. I want everyone to be able to come, so if not, we can still do something this Saturday.

Comment below, por favor. And I'm still looking for location recommendations.




Brad K. said...

That sounds good to me.

allison said...

Ali, count me in.

laceyJ. said...

Fun! I'd love to come... Are you looking for places with lots of hills? (Flat Iron Park) Or, interesting architecture (SL Library) Or, lots of open space? (Liberty Park)

Anyhow, sounds like fun!

marta said...

als, i think i can come too. yesss. can't wait.

Anonymous said...

ali dear, i would love to join you, however, i will be in school at that time...:( you will have to let me know how it turns out...and i still am so serious on your camera 101 lessons:)
love ya,
jenny j