Monday, May 7

sunday drive

The Salt Lake and surrounding valleys were so pretty and green this weekend; I almost felt like I was happily tucked away in England, at last. It snowed in the mountains on Friday, creating a beautiful contrast of frosty-capped peaks with greener-than-green foothills. It proceeded to rain nearly all day on Saturday. Though the weather remained a little brisk on Sunday, the sun came out in spurts and tunnels of sunshine spotlighted the landscape.

I was in heaven.

So Curtis took me on one of our drives. We just get in the car with no definite destination and see where we end up. (What will we do when gas prices skyrocket this summer?) We coast through little towns we imagine ourselves living in someday, a) if we can afford it, b) if we can withstand the cold, and c) if our future kids will have any degree of normalcy there. We talk about the things we don't always take or make the time to talk about, and listen to music and sing: just the two of us.

It was the ideal way to end my birthday weekend. I love the sense of discovery that accompanies a little roadtrip through my own backyard.

Thank you so dearly for all the birthday wishes sent my way. It's heartwarming to get happy greetings from old friends and people you've never even actually met in person--friends you might not even know if they passed you on the street. And if that, my friends, doesn't prove the magic and fun of blogging then I don't know what does.

{I took this photo through the window. It's so perfectly characteristic of Utah-meets-Wyoming: sage brush, wind guards, clouds and all.}


laceyJ. said...

Fun, fun! I wish we would've taken the time to go on a drive this weekend.

Glad you had an enjoyable birthday!

I'm Andrea said...

happy birthday to you! may is the best of months, if you ask me.

jamieanne said...

What a wondrous Sunday activity. Perfectly perfect.

Lorilee said...

I hope you had a some treats to accompany you on your drive.
I had a cute little sack of treats to accompany me while reading my book Sunday afternoon (thanks to you).
I'm happy your Birthday weekend was memorable.

tiff said...

I'm so glad you had a happy birthday! May this be your happiest, dream-come-true year yet!