Friday, June 8

making me happy this week

1. Celebrating my third wedding anniversary. Third?
2. Using flowers from C to fill everything resembling a vase in my house.
3. Amy Sedaris's party dresses.
4. Writing and learning about friendly and inspirational Abby Clawson Low, who got in touch with me clear back here.
5. Not spending too much money at IKEA.
6. The cutest little photo in the mail of Sara's Rex Rudiger.
7. Last chance to wear favorite sweater, thanks to the rain.
8. Anita Calero's rugged-yet-refined home and all of Knitsquirrel's observations. (Just scroll down.)
9. This Air Stream trailer. Oh, how I wish. My western heart would love to wander in this beauty.
10. The cool, 1920's ease of wide leg pants.
11. (Thanks, Jessica.)
12. Allison's beautiful and inventive new header. (It's interactive!)
13. Everything featured under "Summer Reading" at Kate Spade: Behind the Curtain. (Reading lists! Vintage covers! Downloads! Oh my!)
14. Friends who keep calling me, even when I'm terribly forgetful and don't call back.
15. Snoasis is up and running. (At the corner of Highland Drive and 7200 South in the Dan's parking lot. The best snow cone you'll ever lay tastebuds on, this side of Hawaii. Marta, when will you be back so we can be formally introduced to summer together?)
16. Remembering at the very last minute to sign up for the Favorite Things Swap. (Phew!)
17. (Added late) I think I just quit my job. Again. Am adding this to the list so I can truly try to consider it a happy occurrence that will lead to new adventures.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Kelly said...

thanks for the swap plug... i feel like i've been invited to sit with the cool kids for lunch!

ali said...

No Kelly, I'm the one who is joining in with the cool kid!

marta said...

hurrah. this is the best news i've heard all day. i can't wait for snoasis and will be hookin' it up as soon as i'm home. save some pina colada & tiger's blood for me.. or should i do some hubba bubba gum or should i go with pink lemonade!? choices, choices. luckily we have all summer long!

happy happy anniversary by the by. you two are simply a favorite in my long list of favorite cutest couples ever. happy weekend.

Chelsea said...

Great photo. I want to live in that airstream trailer. It's a lot cheaper than a house:)

dede said...

Happy Friday Ali!I love the picture of the pink carnations and the blue vase.

Becky said...

i love your friday posts al! i do have to agree with you on #6! sara's boy is just way too cute! happy anniversary, hope it was splendid, just like you!

tiffany said...

I always look forward to your Friday lists. Congrats on your anniversary and on quitting your job! May many, many more wonderful days and adventures be headed your way!

(I'm also looking forward to trying out those snow cones. Are they the ones I've heard about with real ice cream in the bottom??)

Megan said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many more. And speaking of someone who's coming up tp her 14th, they only get better...

Rachel C. said...

Weird. I just stumbled upon your blog -had no idea you were in Utah -and there I see it! THE SNOASIS!!!! MY SUMMERTIME LOVE!!! Wheeee!

Anyway, hi my name is Rachel C., and I like your blog.

Happy Anniversary.

laceyJ. said...

3 years? Wow... Congrats. But, snap, I missed the Favorite Things Swap!

Anyhow... you're blog's beautiful... Hope you know that! Those flowers are gorgeous, too.

allison said...

Thanks for the compliments on the header Ali! ...but I have to give credit to David, that talented guy I live with :)

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary Ali! 3 years! Yippeee welcome to the club.

jamieanne said...

Happy Anniversary. And happy happy days with Snoasis close by. Enjoy some for me.

little special said...

I am so, so late with this but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!