Tuesday, November 13

happy birthday + balloons, again

The lovely gal wearing the red-hot pants in this photo is, I think, celebrating her birthday today. Lori, thank you for years of fun memories, good laughs, fashion inspiration, thought-provoking discussion, warm company and fine baked goods. And also for being our ever-so-fabulous model. Go tell Lori happy, happy, if you haven't already. Her blog is way fun to read. (For example, she named her site after a line from Megadeth.)

The photo came from the balloon shoot I organized last spring (see here and here). Participants included myself and

Brad, and

Lacey and I are planning on holding another one soon, so stay posted. We would love for you to join us. In the meantime, check out the balloon pool, if you so desire. It seems appropriate for this little star's birthday.

{Image via Maeve and Brad}



nicole hill said...

puhlease invite me for your next balloon bash. i'd love to come. ps... let's get together for styling... we need to chat more and see if you're really interested.

Robin said...

I kinda think I wanna join this! It would be a blast, and I'd like to be a part of a "real" photo shoot instead of always wandering around by myself like a dummy.

You and your photo skills should join the World Clock Project (see my latest post). I already stole the city/county building, but I bet you could find some other rad clocks in SLC!

Kami said...

I would love to join in the festivities. Just let me know when and where and I will be there.
Also Happy B-day Lori, I'll go tell her!

Brittany said...

I will come!

becky said...

count me in ali! any excuses to see my friend, i'm game for! plus, who can resist a HUGE balloon...

miss you!

100 Percent Cottam said...

brilliant! i'm definitely doing this with my family for our christmas photo shoot. the kids will go nuts!

Kim said...

Ali you were right on Lori's Birthday, I don't know why my post says Monday because I did it Tuesday morning so don't feel bad! You were right. Maybe because I started it monday night? I don't know??!!

Lorilee said...

Ali, you are my favorite balloon photographer.
Thanks for the Birthday wishes, I had a great day. I sure do miss you and can't wait to catch up.

citygirl said...

What a cool idea! I wish I had a bunch of photo buddies im my town to play with like this.

cruststation said...

What a wonderful idea, balloon shots are always happy-inducing and full of fun. Such a great birthday tribute to lori.