Friday, April 18

my postcards

I sorta collect other people's postcards. So I decided to take a photo of a few for white space wednesday. I've blogged about a few of my favorite finds:

and especially here.

I've also collected pencils and tea cups in the past. What do you collect, even without meaning to?



Naomi said...

those are some great post cards. i collect paper and cards- both written on and blank. I also collect rubber stamps and books. i would collect a lot more if i had the space! i love collecting things.

Naomi from paperairplane

love.boxes said...


miss milki said...

I collect postcards too...but its the free advertising postcards you get in cafes. It started totally by accident and now its almost an obsession! I can't pass them by without grabbing a few! They're so colourful and often have really beautiful or witty images!

sydney said...

thrift store price tags, last matches and toothpaste blobs.

Laura said...

past: miniature erasers. frog knick-knacks. wizard of oz paraphernalia. stickers. creative cardboard coasters. trolls. fanny packs. my little ponies. clever magazine ads. porcelain dolls.

present: tea cups/coffee mugs. ticket stubs. buttons. witty pins. bottle caps. received (post)cards. used postage stamps. colored paper clips. lists. retired daily planners. pens. plastic bags. negatives. shoe boxes.

future: chess pieces. photo booth shots. cameras. toys from the 80s. vintage board games.

to be inherited: precious moments. cabbage patch dolls. christmas ornaments. disney movies. magnets in the shape of all 50 states.

d.Sharp said...

I realized that I mentally collect locations of things as I drive around town- like arrow signs, the old kind with light bulbs - I will then have to notice it each time I pass.

Tara Diane said...

As far as collections go, that's a really great idea. How do you find those?!