Tuesday, January 18


oskar card
This jeopardy kid had better be as cute as he looks or there's going to be hell to pay. I know an Oscar that would be great at playing Oskar (who may or may not be the former's namesake) but his vocabulary isn't quite as extensive as it needs to be.

I'm a little heavy boots about this whole movie business, but I should just get over it and try to enjoy Hollywood's spin on a favorite (like, top three) book. That said, I have high expectations. (I'm looking at you, Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks---and especially you, Stephen Daldry.)

Fingers crossed. You?



Lacey Jane said...

Um... yes. Tom Hanks?! I dunno. Maybe I won't see it.

But, whomever they cast as Oskar had better be pretty awesome!

Makes me want to re-read this book!

alyson said...

oh!!! this was definitely one of my favorite books - recommended by you I think! I hope it's good in movie form.

abby said...

if it's good it will make me feel like one hundred dollars.

sarah marie. said...

i feel exactly the same way ali! and i love abby's comment.

Lane Anderson said...

Oh dear, Hanks and Bullock are in jeopardy of smearing their rom-comness all over this. I love Sandra, but wasn't Toni Collette free? Isn't Hanks a touch old?

I, too, will be heavy boots if this gets ruined--but it won't spoil the original awesomeness of the book. Also, it's about time someone tried to make a meaningful Sept. 11 movie.

This book always reminds me of you--and another Oscar.

ps. Have you ever tried oskarschell@hotmail.com?

ali said...

No, but I've thought about it.

d. Sharp said...

wow, I hadn't heard about the movie being made. One of my top three as well! The BEST opening paragraph.

I hope they do it justice.